In her music, the world comes together in a certain way. Born in Isfahan, Iran, raised in Wiesbaden, Germany, and now living in London, Sogand combines the different colors of the respective music scenes and makes something unique out of it. Simply going a completely new way is not alien to her.

Sogand is one of the best known hip-hop artists in Iran and the first woman there to achieve success with such a sound. Together with her friend Farinaz, she started the duo Enteghamwhen she was only 17. What was initially planned as a hobby soon became serious.

In her music career she has collaborated with a number of Iranian hip-hop artists and some of her hits features Zakhmi, her husband, who is also a hip-hop singer.

From the time she started her career, most of her released songs are singles plus an album called Man (which means Me in English). Her songs cannot be just categorized in hip hop genre since she’s talented and interested in such other genres as R&B, Pop and Traditional Iranian vocals.
Among her hits are Bomb, The Lom, Romantic, Mara Beboos, Delkhor, Heif, Halet Khube and much more.

Sogand’s Message

I love God and nothing is more important. Freedom right in humanity is extremely important to me…
…God is with us and He always gives me hope. If I’m working on my music as an underground artist, it’s because I want to be the voice of the voiceless girls in Iran. I hope to make my country proud as an Iranian girl. Wish of a free Iran…